Tinder Use for Lonely Singles


Which brings about the question, is meeting a cute stranger in the line for coffee becoming a distant traditionalist thing of the past?

Tinder, a national dating app boasts over 100 million downloads, and 10 billion matches, the online dating market is particularly lucrative for the millennials, which make up a large percentage of its users according to a study released by DMR report in late Feb.

Tindering in public and ignoring the surroundings has become the millennial norm, with no end in sight.  1.4 billion swipes are made daily according to the DMR study. It is only logical to think that some of those swipes have to be in public places where other people are around.

Men Vs. Women on Tinder

The average female user swipes right to “like” someone 14 % of the time, and men swipe right to “like” 46% of the time.  No doubt attempting to raise their chances of finding a lady to be around.

“It’s rare for a woman of our generation to meet a man who treats her like a priority instead of an option,” wrote Erica Gordon on Website Elite Daily, in 2014 quoted from Vanity Fair’s article Tinder and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse.”

Only 54% of Tinder users are reported as being single, which leans more toward the side of hook-up culture.

Hook- up Culture Vs. Love

Thus the theory of hook-up culture is solidified, with the literally millions of users to casually swipe through, deciding a heart or X, whether they are considered a viable match.  These matches don’t always mean just a sexual connection, but how can one tell through a mobile screen if they will have chemistry?

Some give it more time than others

59% of Match users don’t expect to feel chemistry until the second date according to a study Match released on Feb 1, 2016.  53% of those singles will go on a second date, and half of them think that the person may “grow” on them after. Match is based on a more relationship building online dating platform, unlike Tinder which is more casual but with endless possiblities.

Who actually knows how many of these 10 billion matches on Tinder meet in real life, but there is still hope of finding someone.



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Twitter Campaign stirs rumor about Ted Cruz being the Zodiac Killer


Twitter can be full of nonsense and full of facts, and when the nonsense is believed as fact it can take over the viral wavelengths. Rumors spread like a wildfire.

Ted Cruz was accused of being the zodiac killer, and a sketch was posted with the two from Gawker debunking the myth about Cruz. This accusation was first sprout in 2013 by @redpillamerica. The rumor is making it’s way around again.


The rumor has influence the minds of some voters across the country. Gawker reported in their article that a Public Policy Polling found 38% of polled Florida voters believed that Ted Cruz could possibly be the Zodiac killer.

PPP polled Republicans earlier this year about the bombing of the fictitious city in the Disney movie, Alladin, and Democrats about whether or not Americans should accept refugees. Another instance of nonsense intermixed with facts and a sense of urgency. On Thursday night, Cruz’s Twitter page was awash with tweets eluding to his supposed dual identity. Even Esquire magazine chimed in on the issue and posted the photos together, recanting the details of where the rumor began and examine the twitter hilarity that ensued.


Other publications like .Mic joined the conversation posting an article about the rumor at hand. Shedding light about the Zodiac killer and when his active spree took place.


They are looking for him to tell everyone that he is not this supposed uncaught California killer, but so far no public statement has been made.

I am not going to hold my breath.

Spoiler Alert: Cruz was born in December 22, 1970 and the Zodiac Killer began killing people in the North Bay and Bay Area in December of 1968.

It gives light to the mass of information floating around the internet and what nonsense can be confused with facts.

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Education, great food and innovators from the area converge at local food event.

Posted by Jenee Gregor on Thursday, February 11, 2016

MAKE. Art studio brings kids art workshops to Main Street in Ann Arbor.

Posted by Jenee Gregor on Thursday, February 11, 2016

WCC Student Response to the Iowa Caucus

Unsure student voters lean toward Sanders after Iowa caucus.

Jenee Gregor

ANN ARBOR, MI-A quiet night in the Student Center at Washtenaw Community College the day after the Iowa caucus, and seemingly not too many of the students were aware of the previous night’s happenings.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders tied for the Democratic delegates, resulting in a coin flip for the 8 slots in the Democratic side.

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Trump gained most delegates on the Republican side, although a common consensus on Washtenaw’s campus was disconnected aside from being against Trump in office.

Arthur Huerta, 25, a University of Michigan biochemistry student was set aside and had a lot to say about the state of affairs in the caucus and the campaign.  He was a sure supporter of Sanders. “I do think that it highlighted a lot of weaknesses in the caucus process,” Huerta said.

I don’t know if it has ever been so close, and when coin flipping is involved, there seems to be a problem, Huerta said.

Huerta is an informed Democratic voter that had strong points about Sanders previous stance on issues, for instance taking part in civil rights marches, and being a proponent for gay rights before it became such a popular issue.

Ariel Schutte, a student taking an online class said she didn’t follow the caucus last night because she doesn’t have a TV and has been too busy to be informed about the state of the presidential campaign. She did mention that she had a predisposition leaning toward voting Democratic with Senator Bernie Sanders as a viable candidate, and opposed to Trump being in office.


Ariel Schutte, shopping for pens at the WCC bookstore.

Bara Youness, 19, and a 3-D animation student also did not follow the caucus last night.  He mentioned a disregard for the campaign, “As long as Trump isn’t winning.”  He leans toward being in support of the Democratic party, and possibly Sanders.

Jacob Welsh, 22, a welding student had a little information about the caucus. “It was on TV, and I stopped to look a few times,” Welsh said.

“I would like to see someone in office that didn’t come from money,” said Welsh.


Jacob Welsh, a WCC student, having a snack in the Student Center.

He is undecided on is political standing and admits to not being too “politically savvy,” other than “Trump can be a buffoon,” said Welsh. He mentioned that his father is a supporter of Sanders even thought he is unsure of a candidate to support.

To take a look at Sanders stance on issues, visit the link.







Photo Experiments in JRN 220

An awkward day, but learning is often uncomfortable. Students taking photos of each other taking photos of each other, lead to many laughs.


Animated lessons of the importance of proper photo technique to the JRN 220 class, by Instructor Monica Wolfson.

President Barack Obama’s New Gun Approach


Fairfax, VA–Obama stands on stricter gun laws at the Town Hall Meeting George Mason University in Fairfax, VA earlier this week hosted by CNN and Anderson Cooper.

Obama’s executive order to shape a tougher gun restrictions, by requiring a background check to purchase a gun, and gun dealers to be licensed.  There is also a proposal to hire more ATF and background checking agents to streamline the process.  As well as pour 500 million dollars into the health care system to make mental health care more accessible, was published by The White House by press release on Jan, 4th 2016.

“There are some 30,000 gun deaths in America each year. Two-thirds of them are suicides, one-third of them homicides,” said Cooper before the president spoke.

Obama referenced some memories from his time living in Chicago and spoke on the gun violence that occurs there with it’s problem of loose gun laws in Indiana brought into Illinois.

Cross state gun trafficking allows the youth to have easy of access points where guns are bought at trade shows and then sold on the streets.  The background checks for all sales are a measure to have a record of where, what and whom they were sold to, providing a tracking system. Also, allowing the government to have a bread crumb trail of who may be selling these guns illegally.

Cleo Pendleton, the mother of slain Hadiya Pendleton in a mistaken gang killing in Chicago in 2013, spoke on the topic of the cross state trafficking issues, which may have contributed to the death of her daughter.

Obama proposed that 200 more ATF agents would enforce more stringently unlawful gun dealers, in hopes of hindering the gun violence. In Chicago in particular was 55 shootings in seven days previous to the town hall meeting.

“I respect the Second Amendment,” said Obama but stands firm about keeping them out of the hand of those who want to do harm to themselves or others. “Keep in mind, for the gun owners who are in attendance here, my suspicion is that you all had to go through a background check. And it didn’t prevent you from getting a weapon.”

Kimberly Corban, a rape survivor spoke to ask about why the president was intending to make it harder for people like her to get a gun and carry it with her when needed to keep herself and her family safe.

Obama directed the tragic occurrence into direct correlation, of her attacker, and when he is released from prison that it would make it increasingly more difficult for people who have a felony to purchase a gun.

Amid skepticism from the some of the guests, including Sheriff Paul Babeu, of Pinal County, AZ, who questioned this order and the ideal of stopping mass shootings or curbing crime.

“Look, crime is always going to be with us. So, I think it’s really important for us not to suggest that if we can’t solve every crime, we shouldn’t try to solve any crimes,” said Obama.








Michigan Native, California Transplant, back to Michigan Student

Jenee Gregor, 27, a native of Livingston County is a new contributing writer for The Washtenaw Voice after years living in the Northern California hills.

She has come back after 4 years and just moved back to Depot town in Ypsilanti.  The vibes and eclectic mix of folks has been a good change from the hometown she had stayed in recently.

“The people in Brighton have drained me,” Gregor said, “I am glad to be back into the conscious and artful community, that I miss so much about Northern California.”

A an academic plan that includes two polars of the institutional scale, Journalism and Dietetics, but with a 4.0 last semester she has set her goals high.

“I have a long way to go in my academic path, but I am excited to create something for myself and become a more legitimate career oriented individual. I have lived a lot of life flying by the wayside, which is fun, but I need to get more serious about what I will do with myself,” said Gregor.

She is completing an Associate degree in Journalism and is filling her schedule with science classes with plans of transferring to Eastern Michigan University within the next year.

“I hope to gather as many of my science classes at Washtenaw Community College to keep my costs down before I transfer,” said Gregor.

Keeping costs low is an avid concern of many students, with the cost of text books and tuition increasing.

“It always seems when you are building something, the things that are worth the most pay you the least.  So I slang Shwarma at a restaurant, to make the bills but write for the paper for the experience,” said Gregor,  “It’s a delicate balance between being at the brink of insanity and bursting with inspiration.”

With a full class load and making the most of the resources that are offered she hopes for the best and is excited for the future.

“I am very excited to be exercising my brain and being involved in things that I care about.  Creating my own little paradise that I miss from those beautiful California hills,” said Gregor.






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