Writing the Local Events column and having it on a newspaper I struggle to get enough media to make the article look appealing and give a good example of what is going on there.  Having  a video, or a snippet would make it easier to explain what is happening.  The sound bits of the shows, and links to what is going on for more information would make it much easier and more fruitful.

The website I don’t have access to, I do submit some links for the Hailey the web  design person to add into the listings.

I wrote a First Fridays Ypsilanti article and the photos that were available were suitable so the story only had one photo and it was their logo.  Having more photos really would have showcased better what the event actually is, and a video as well.  But print doesn’t really lend to that kind of thing.

The photos that I get for the music site I write for are usually from stock photo websites that are easy to find and use.  I do link them to other articles as well to create cross-over traffic.

On that site I also am encouraged to use as many links as I can inside the body of text.  It creates more traffic and also the message can be immediately fact check in some cases.  For instance that article I wrote about the festival cancellations I included a built in link to all the festival websites, which has their cancellation message directly there.  The credibility was built by one swift click on the name of the festival, a new tab the message of the festivals being cancelled.

Adding in the photos of the festival itself brings so much more life, and emotional value for those people that went to it before or had planned to go this year.

I use soundcloud files in some of my pieces for them, and that it super helpful.