Terms and Conditions, User Agreements and the rules that apply are very similar across the board to protect themselves against suit.  They all seem as though they would hold up in court, because of through language and dynamic coverage.

These are rules that as a user, or submitter, these things apply to everyone.

Huffington Post

Their terms and conditions are set up for those that are submitting or could be possibly using their site.  They are using a dynamic approach by saying that they own the copyright to the material on the site, and that you are submitting it to them you are giving your rights away to the work to the Post.  And that those that submit have to abide by their rules and restrictions in order to be affiliated with them.

In the converse the submitter is responsible for all actions that may be taken against by what is written.

They do not claim any responsibility for sites that are linked to them.

One copy for person use is allowed.

This all may stand up in court and that the submitter would be held mostly accountable, but the publication may not totally escape the blame if something were to truly blow up.


Washington Post

This is strictly based on the users and not about submission because they have a sole staff that works for them and submissions from outside sources are not involved.  But they still give the writer most of the blame and they are responsible for their content.

They have all content protected under copyright, so it may not be used. One copy for personal use is allowed.

Linking is only mentioned when it takes about how it is not responsible for the what the links on the page are not about because they are not affiliated with them.

Posting is not mentioned.


Detroit Free Press

The copyright agreement holds all rights like the other two sites.  It does make this statement, “You may not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit or distribute in any way any material from this site including code and software.” As well as give you the one copy rule.

The user agreement does not mention linking or posting.

The Bottom Line

Be safe with sharing by not just assuming that it is just fine to do so, someone owns that work, and can file suit if they feel it has been improperly used.