In the age of convergence, the refresh cycle comes faster than most have an interest for.  The internet is filled with information, some less important others, but yet all equally available.  The appearance of the site may have a negative of positive appeal to the chosen audience.

Some news falls my the wayside because it is just isn’t “trending.” And some of the sites are so overwhelming that no matter where one looks there are pictures and click bait headlines drawing the mouse to them. Some have a look that may immediately cause question of it’s credibility.


This is one of those sites that there is more content than more person can possibly ingest in one small sitting.  Yet the converse, there is so much going on that someone could find something to look at or draw the elusive click. As well as making one wonder about how much of this can be taken seriously.


Drudgereport is very plain, yet jammed with text.  It’s like a less organized Craigslist, less clean, and there is mass amount of information drawn from multiple sources. It is part of the appeal of this site, and will stay that way because of it’s always been plain appearance is part of it’s character. The credibility is relied upon where the link and title takes the user of the mouse.

Huffington Post

This site is most resemblance to the land of print journalism.  The masthead states it’s assertive appearance and the sections are well laid out.  For this reason, there is more of an inherent trustworthiness because it is so similar to a trusted source of supposedly or mostly undoubted facts.