Trump won Florida and he comes closer to a presidential nomination. Trump set out to take over Rubio’s home state and succeeded.

Kasich won in his home state of Ohio, with his first big win.

Clinton won in North Carolina, Florida, and Ohio. Sanders lost across the board, losing momentum after the big win in Michigan.

Rubio gave a heartfelt concession speech and suspended his campaign, mentioning it is not in God’s plan but happy to have had the privilege to make it this far. “I am grateful to God,” said Rubio.

Ohio, North Carolina and Florida vote for the presidential primary in the Mega Tuesday. Ohio and Florida are winner-take-all states and could be a huge in the delegate gatering race in the all the campaigns.

Florida’s Primary Results

Trump won the 99 Republican delegates in Florida with 46 percent. Rubio only won in his home county in Miami.

Clinton won the 214 delegates in Florida creating a sweep in the southern states.

Ohio’s Primary Results

Kasich won in Ohio for the 66 Republican delegates, in his home state voting in support.

Clinton won in Ohio the 159 Democratic delegates, which took away the hopes of a Sanders sweep in the Mid-west for needed delegates.

North Carolina’s Primary Results

Trump wins the vote for the North Carolina 72 Republican delegates putting him up to winning 18 states in the primaries.

Clinton wins North Carolina’s 121 Democrat delegates nudging her closer to a presidential nomination edging her lead against Sanders.

Standing before Mega Tuesday

The Republican and Democratic candidates stand as follows going into the March 15 primary in North Carolina, Ohio and Florida. Clinton and Trump have held quite a lead up to this point in the race and are maintaining that lead.

Democratic Side

Hillary Clinton leads in the delegate count for the Democratic side.

“I’m disappointed, but I am not surprised. Even though there are progressive people in the South, they are still more conservative than other places.  Secretary Clinton is the more conservative of the two candidates,” said Carrie Bice, a North Carolina native but Michigan resident.

Results are not on Sanders’ side in the primaries tonight.

“Tonight is everything for Bernie Sanders,” said Van Jones on the CNN primary results broadcast. And proved not to be a night where he succeed.

“I’m mostly annoyed by the fact that my dreams for America and the course that it’s taking are two decidedly different things,” said Nick Ransom, a college student in Ann Arbor.

Republican Side

Rubio dropped out of the race, leaving Trump, Kasich and Cruz to fight for the remaining delegates.

Trump has a large lead, and tonight could be a huge turning point for or against his campaign, with 30 percent of the delegate needed to win the nomination available tonight.

“I’m happy, I feel like Trump will bring chaos and I want that,” said Livingston county resident Justin Baloh.

Even though Kasich is far behind in the delegate race he remains an option hoping on his home state of Ohio for support.

“You’ll see tonight. We’re going to win Ohio,” Kasich said in an interview on “Good Morning America.”

“We have to win,” stated in an ABC news article. He was right.