Which brings about the question, is meeting a cute stranger in the line for coffee becoming a distant traditionalist thing of the past?

Tinder, a national dating app boasts over 100 million downloads, and 10 billion matches, the online dating market is particularly lucrative for the millennials, which make up a large percentage of its users according to a study released by DMR report in late Feb.

Tindering in public and ignoring the surroundings has become the millennial norm, with no end in sight.  1.4 billion swipes are made daily according to the DMR study. It is only logical to think that some of those swipes have to be in public places where other people are around.

Men Vs. Women on Tinder

The average female user swipes right to “like” someone 14 % of the time, and men swipe right to “like” 46% of the time.  No doubt attempting to raise their chances of finding a lady to be around.

“It’s rare for a woman of our generation to meet a man who treats her like a priority instead of an option,” wrote Erica Gordon on Website Elite Daily, in 2014 quoted from Vanity Fair’s article Tinder and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse.”

Only 54% of Tinder users are reported as being single, which leans more toward the side of hook-up culture.

Hook- up Culture Vs. Love

Thus the theory of hook-up culture is solidified, with the literally millions of users to casually swipe through, deciding a heart or X, whether they are considered a viable match.  These matches don’t always mean just a sexual connection, but how can one tell through a mobile screen if they will have chemistry?

Some give it more time than others

59% of Match users don’t expect to feel chemistry until the second date according to a study Match released on Feb 1, 2016.  53% of those singles will go on a second date, and half of them think that the person may “grow” on them after. Match is based on a more relationship building online dating platform, unlike Tinder which is more casual but with endless possiblities.

Who actually knows how many of these 10 billion matches on Tinder meet in real life, but there is still hope of finding someone.



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