Twitter can be full of nonsense and full of facts, and when the nonsense is believed as fact it can take over the viral wavelengths. Rumors spread like a wildfire.

Ted Cruz was accused of being the zodiac killer, and a sketch was posted with the two from Gawker debunking the myth about Cruz. This accusation was first sprout in 2013 by @redpillamerica. The rumor is making it’s way around again.


The rumor has influence the minds of some voters across the country. Gawker reported in their article that a Public Policy Polling found 38% of polled Florida voters believed that Ted Cruz could possibly be the Zodiac killer.

PPP polled Republicans earlier this year about the bombing of the fictitious city in the Disney movie, Alladin, and Democrats about whether or not Americans should accept refugees. Another instance of nonsense intermixed with facts and a sense of urgency. On Thursday night, Cruz’s Twitter page was awash with tweets eluding to his supposed dual identity. Even Esquire magazine chimed in on the issue and posted the photos together, recanting the details of where the rumor began and examine the twitter hilarity that ensued.


Other publications like .Mic joined the conversation posting an article about the rumor at hand. Shedding light about the Zodiac killer and when his active spree took place.


They are looking for him to tell everyone that he is not this supposed uncaught California killer, but so far no public statement has been made.

I am not going to hold my breath.

Spoiler Alert: Cruz was born in December 22, 1970 and the Zodiac Killer began killing people in the North Bay and Bay Area in December of 1968.

It gives light to the mass of information floating around the internet and what nonsense can be confused with facts.