Unsure student voters lean toward Sanders after Iowa caucus.

Jenee Gregor

ANN ARBOR, MI-A quiet night in the Student Center at Washtenaw Community College the day after the Iowa caucus, and seemingly not too many of the students were aware of the previous night’s happenings.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders tied for the Democratic delegates, resulting in a coin flip for the 8 slots in the Democratic side.

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Trump gained most delegates on the Republican side, although a common consensus on Washtenaw’s campus was disconnected aside from being against Trump in office.

Arthur Huerta, 25, a University of Michigan biochemistry student was set aside and had a lot to say about the state of affairs in the caucus and the campaign.  He was a sure supporter of Sanders. “I do think that it highlighted a lot of weaknesses in the caucus process,” Huerta said.

I don’t know if it has ever been so close, and when coin flipping is involved, there seems to be a problem, Huerta said.

Huerta is an informed Democratic voter that had strong points about Sanders previous stance on issues, for instance taking part in civil rights marches, and being a proponent for gay rights before it became such a popular issue.

Ariel Schutte, a student taking an online class said she didn’t follow the caucus last night because she doesn’t have a TV and has been too busy to be informed about the state of the presidential campaign. She did mention that she had a predisposition leaning toward voting Democratic with Senator Bernie Sanders as a viable candidate, and opposed to Trump being in office.


Ariel Schutte, shopping for pens at the WCC bookstore.

Bara Youness, 19, and a 3-D animation student also did not follow the caucus last night.  He mentioned a disregard for the campaign, “As long as Trump isn’t winning.”  He leans toward being in support of the Democratic party, and possibly Sanders.

Jacob Welsh, 22, a welding student had a little information about the caucus. “It was on TV, and I stopped to look a few times,” Welsh said.

“I would like to see someone in office that didn’t come from money,” said Welsh.


Jacob Welsh, a WCC student, having a snack in the Student Center.

He is undecided on is political standing and admits to not being too “politically savvy,” other than “Trump can be a buffoon,” said Welsh. He mentioned that his father is a supporter of Sanders even thought he is unsure of a candidate to support.

To take a look at Sanders stance on issues, visit the link.