Jenee Gregor, 27, a native of Livingston County is a new contributing writer for The Washtenaw Voice after years living in the Northern California hills.

She has come back after 4 years and just moved back to Depot town in Ypsilanti.  The vibes and eclectic mix of folks has been a good change from the hometown she had stayed in recently.

“The people in Brighton have drained me,” Gregor said, “I am glad to be back into the conscious and artful community, that I miss so much about Northern California.”

A an academic plan that includes two polars of the institutional scale, Journalism and Dietetics, but with a 4.0 last semester she has set her goals high.

“I have a long way to go in my academic path, but I am excited to create something for myself and become a more legitimate career oriented individual. I have lived a lot of life flying by the wayside, which is fun, but I need to get more serious about what I will do with myself,” said Gregor.

She is completing an Associate degree in Journalism and is filling her schedule with science classes with plans of transferring to Eastern Michigan University within the next year.

“I hope to gather as many of my science classes at Washtenaw Community College to keep my costs down before I transfer,” said Gregor.

Keeping costs low is an avid concern of many students, with the cost of text books and tuition increasing.

“It always seems when you are building something, the things that are worth the most pay you the least.  So I slang Shwarma at a restaurant, to make the bills but write for the paper for the experience,” said Gregor,  “It’s a delicate balance between being at the brink of insanity and bursting with inspiration.”

With a full class load and making the most of the resources that are offered she hopes for the best and is excited for the future.

“I am very excited to be exercising my brain and being involved in things that I care about.  Creating my own little paradise that I miss from those beautiful California hills,” said Gregor.